FOR YEARS, I was asked about the availability of model decals for various types of equipment used on the Yosemite Valley Railroad as well as equipment plans, route maps, more research information, etc. In response, the STORE is a way to provide prototype information to modelers and historians and encourage more modeling of the Yosemite Valley Railroad by making these items available. Items available include:

My book on the Yosemite Valley Railroad, Trains to Yosemite was published in 2005 but sold out in 2011. I therefore no longer have copies for sale but this link to the book provides more information about the book and where you might find copies today.

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Email me if you would like to purchase items by personal check and I will email you my postal address where you can mail the check. Checks MUST be made out to Jack Burgess.

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You can also purchase any of the currently available items through PayPal using your credit card. You do not need to be a PayPal member to use your credit card. All credit card transactions are handled securely by PayPal (I do not receive any of the credit card information myself). A purchase receipt and confirmation are issued by PayPal via email. Use the PayPal buttons to purchase one or more copies of the items by credit card.